Polar PLC panel photo eye update
Connects directly to PLC Panel
Polar cut and clamp PLC control
with plug in connectors to 
original switch wires.
Wohlenberg Cut/Clamp PLC Panel
Lawson Pace 2 PLC panel mounted in rear LH upright.
Polar Parts
Electronic parts for EL, CE, EMC, ED
Printed circuit boards for CE and EMC
Monitors for EMC
Displays for Newer Polars
Hydraulic valve ball
Plastic washers for hyd. valves EMC and newer cutters
New Linear scale cables and used reader heads
PLC cut/clamp control panels
Poar 150EL gearbox
Polaar155 EMC gearboxx
Polar 115 CE/EMC Gearbox
Lawson Parts
Mechanical, electrical and electronic parts for all models


PLC Cut/Clamp panels available for all paper cutters.

Microcut, Lawson MCC and Boss Computers available for all paper cutters.

Several parts for other cutters. We can usually get any part you need.